Saturday, 27 August 2016

library 6 excellence.

Today for pals Tracy and I did our librarian duty as we usually do on a Monday.

Unfortunately today we had lots of books away the whole shelf was fulled with books.It is not that hard but usually on a Monday we have lots and lots of people so it is hard to put books away and be at the library desk at the same time although we resolved by taking turns between putting books away and serving at the  desk which was a lot easier and got the books away quicker.

After we had finished putting the books away we started to  renew  and return our own and then put the remaining books that people had returned after we had put the ones that were at the started at first then we just finished some other renewing and returns ten we closed the library and we had some time left but as it was really cold outside we stayed inside since we were allowed to first I just read a little bit of my book wile waiting to play mancala against Tracy or Alex  I read the book Chinese Cinderella  and a little bit of  little women as classics are one of my favorite books to read.
After I just played a quick game of mancala and won and by then the bell had gone so we went to class the end.

CARE VALUE I SHOWED:Active thinking/excellence because I used my time wisely by getting out my own books and renewing and returning them and just doing my best.

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