Wednesday, 10 August 2016

pals 6 excellence.

On Wednesday Alex,Tracy and I did pals we supposed to do kauri but we got a mixture because the kakano were not on we played small field football but had to make the field bigger gradually as we got more and more people.

1. we put our vests on, unfortunately there were no pozis for us to hand out.
2.we set up near the fence on the at the start we only had 2 kids after about 2 minutes we had about 15 to 20.
3.then we just watched as we were on kauri so the kids were a bit more mature then the kakano team as they fight a little bit more,although we had a couple kakano but were year threes.
4.we finished the game as soon as the bell rang because people were having lots of fun luckily we had lots of people who helped packed up.

THINGS TO REMEMBER : ask for pozis from teachers on duty.And to probably star a little early.

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