Friday, 17 June 2016

leadership 2 excellence

Today Nick,Molly Anne and I taught our lesson we had planned 2 weeks ago we had A new classroom. We taught room 15 mrs spices class the plan we had planned went alright but I think we could have done better, the activity we had is first we watched a short video to do with habitats since that is what we are teaching after that we let them draw a animal to do with the backround we had given them e.g ocean and then the animal would be whale.

over all we had 3 rotations and to make the kids more motivated i cut little green paper squares with smile faces to get them more motivated and focused.

THE CARE VALUE I SHOWED WAS:Excellence by just trying my best to teach and getting involved in my group also I think next time try something new  and a teach them something new that expands on habitats.

Library 1 excellence.

Today Tracy,Sasha and I did library we have library every Friday but I think I am going to change my day pretty soon.

First we started by putting the books away I first put all the chapter books away after I returned my book and got a new one I have lately being in to the nz books by deborah.

Secondly I issued some books and retuned them.

At last I learnt how to reserve book while mrs ward was teaching Tatiana I think since  I learnt this I will use when I come to the library.

C.A.R.E: I think i showed activethinking by learning something new I think I also showed community by all of us taking turns and all of us having a fair chance at everything.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

pals Exellence 2

Today Tracy Alex and I did pals for the Kakano we played the game cone up cones down which we learnt from a fitness session in our classes I think the kids really enjoyed it because the we had put them in to teams of boy's vs girls which made it more competitive and challenging in mt perspective  running a game for little kids is easier to handle/run.


The leadership value I showed was by taking a kid when they got injured and taking them to a duty teacherv and not leaving them a lone.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

leadership #1 excellence.

Today for buddy program  we had to meet our new classes we were going to teach our habitat lessons to my classroom was rm 15 we pretty much just met and they showed us around and about there learning we also went outside so they could show us there skills.

C.A.R.E  value I showed: resilience because I had to read in front of the kids and some seniors because my buddy really wanted me to.

1.first,we just went to our buddy's  classroom and got peered up with a junior kid

2.after, they showed us what they were proud of. my buddy was a bit annoying and only showed me how good she was at using the iPad to take photos of different people.

3.later, we went outside and just had a play on the playground.

I think i showed leadership by being resilient and not getting frustrated.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

pals excellence #1

yesterday for pals Alex Tracy and I ran a game of strategy  a version of capture the flag for the kauri team we had a game of girls verse boys it went well I think I showed respect by being patient when explaining the rules.

1.we set up the game it was a bit hard since some of the boys interfered while playing soccer.

2.we tried to find some kids who wanted to play luckily we had a range of people.

3.we explained the rules but some people were not listening but we came up with a way to get them more motivated to be quiet by pozis.

4.last, we played the game we decided to join but mainly just ran the game.

overall I think the game went well but it could have been better if we chose a better spot were it was not crowded.

I think I showed leadership by motivating the kids to play the game.

library 5 merit

last week  for library we did not have to much and we were pretty lucky because it was really cold outside I think I showed community by just doing my job and being kind when people do not want to go when the library is closing.

leadership 5 merit

Today me and a bunch of other people decided to play predator behind rooms 11,10.9 and it was really fun. But we had  to deal with cheating and plus the rain and gloominess did not help but over all I think I got involved and played safe.

leadership 4 merit

Today we had to plan out what we wanted for our next lesson for the kids me and Hailey planned out a math up it was a bit hard to both agree and get everything done on rime but we were resilient.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

library 4

Today we had  library I helped out with Tracy and Aleesha because I missed my own I showed community by helping putting books away and not just push or shove them in I put them in respectfully.

library 3

Today me and Amelia had librarian we had to put  books away and issue books we also showed respect by when having to pack up I said  to the kids respectfully.

library 2

Today we had library I was with Amelia we pretty much just put away books and issued books I think I showed community by making sure everything was clean and tidy and packing up on time.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

pals 5

Today Alex Tracy and I had pals to be honest I think we had the most sucessfull session ever  we had a good game of soccer I think i showed community by making sure everyone got even turns and we also managed to give everyone pozis.