Sunday, 26 February 2017

Recall commonly used fraction, decimals and percentage conversions

In Maths we have been learning:
  • To convert between fractions, decimals , percentages and vice versa.
Here is a link to our online modelling book.

Here are the IXL screenshots that show evidence of my learning.  
(include screenshots of ALL of  the IXL activities that you have completed)

Here are some images to show the book work I have done. ( Use the ipad to take photos of your book work)

My next learning step in Maths is .... to try remember them off by heart and solve more complicated equations with ease.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Peer mediation merit 4h

Today I had peer mediation as I usually have on a Friday,my duty is on the second half along with Maxim and Shivanah.Unfotunately Maxim was in the sick bay and I could not find her even though I reminded her so I just got the gear from the other peer mediators and went down to the junior are were as soon as I went I got a problem about not letting me play with her,we get these problems quite a lot but luckily they came to a agreement very quickly then I just walked around mostly the junior area.After a while I got another problem but as this involved violence I was not allowed to try solve there problem but suggested them to go to a duty teacher.As I went for a quick walk Caitlin asked if she could help so I said yes and went back to th junior are with Caitlin we only got one other problem which was about kids just with random problems which made feeling out the google form a little.the google form is the form we use to record the students and the problem down.

CARE VALUE I SHOWED WAS: excellence by just doing my duty and doing it properly.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Leadership #4

Today was cultral day wich we have every year.This is when we celebrate our culture within our school and also learning about them.This event is run by the cultral ambasadorrs who are Sasha and Hussain.For yoday I wore a fancy,cultral and sparkley dress,this style represented where i'm from which is Pakistan.

We started the day off by practicing our mihi so we can present it to the people coming over.When they came over we went outside on to the courts and sang our school waiata,to welcome them.After, we met whith some of them and said our mihi to the adult students from the international school.The majority of them were from India,philipines and bangladesh.Once we did that we watched some performances like a punjabi dance and phillipino dances.After,morning tea we played some philipino games like limbo and this which was my favaourite which they called guards were it was a really stratigacil and involved  lot a team work it was mostly a tagging game.later on,at th cultral assembaley we at the start had japaneese drums the a chineese instrument wich were really nice then we had a kapa haka performences,mr brown even let some students and teachers try some actions.then we had a chineese fashion runway thing then we had a school one.Every teacer chose 4people to be in the fashion show I was persnolly involved in it.

Overall this was really fun and exciting the care value I showed was respect because I showed respect to the students who came over and also at the assembaley. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Home learning merit #3

For this home learning challenge I decided to make a three course meal  for my family C2.
The way I presented it was we just ate on our traditional mat and whith my family and friend.
This was pretty easy as I have experience and I love cooking.Everyone loved the fodd especially the rice.
For entree I made a traditional Pakastani snack type wich they serve before giving a main meal.And a mint chutney for freshness.

Then I made chineese rice which has chiken,egg and vegetables.This was my mums recipies.

And for desert I made a truffle.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Key leadership merit #3 [peer mediation]

This week on Friday I had peer mediation along with Maxim and Shivannah. Our duty is on the second half. We we got the vests and lanyards from the second group,they told us that there was a problem that the could not complete so we tried by first solving that problem.Then we went to the junior area where we found and got lots of problems as soon as we went there the first problem was that some boys had a ball stuck up on a shade which was not really a big problem but they really wanted help once we finally got the ball down we helped some more kids.For a while we did not have that many problems and even when we did they were pretty minor like having accidentally hurt some one those kinds of problems were pretty easy to solve because the problem was normally sorted out y saying a simple sorry so we just walked around.Near the end of lunch we just had a quick check around the junior classes and saw some boys who told us another boy had threw toilet brushes over the fence as the bell just rang we told Mr rush and went back to class.

CARE value i showed was community by being overall nice to the kids and not taking sides.

Leadership merit #3

On Wednesday we had a lady named Tracy come to our school from the peace foundation,to teach us about being a better and more efficient peer mediator.

We went over to the hall at about 9:30 we started off by going over a couple of rules;then,we started of by learning about different thing we do when we are around someone or have a problem with someone else.those feeling and reactions were represented by different animals,e.g a turtle is when you just can't be bothered arguing and walk away.After, learning about the different animals we had to write down when we use those e.g if it is around our friends or around family.Later on,we got into groups of about 5 to 6 and did a range of activities like arranging different feeling and key words with the animals.The people that got less wrong got a peer mediation badge,we got 6 wrong but we did not win.After,morning tea we got into different groups and watched a clip on peer mediation,about how peer mediators are supposed to act then,we write down 5/6 qualities about the mediators.Next,we did watch a couple more videos on peer mediation and do a little bit more discussing about the topic.Soon after,we got into pairs of yr 7/8 and did listening activities.At the end we all got a peer mediation badge an went back to class.

C.A.R.E VALUE I SHOWED WAS: probably respect because I showed respect while Tracy was talking.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Use factors multiples and powers, including square roots.

In Maths we have been learning:
  • Divisibility rules up to 10.
  • Simple powers to 10.
  • Square roots of perfect squares.
  • Common factors of numbers to 100, including highest common factor.
  • Least common multiples of numbers to 100.

Here are the IXL screenshots that show evidence of my learning.  
(include screenshots of ALL of  the IXL activities that you have completed)

My next learning step in Maths is……. to try learning algebra and if it was for this maths goal learn more of a variety of strategies.

Friday, 10 February 2017




Technology and on the bus leadership 2

This week on Thursday we had technology which was pretty familiar to us as we went last year.Exept last years it was on a Tuesday.we left around eight thirty five and we were split on two different bus's,on the way there I sat with Alex.The bus was a little noisy,but was any way fine when we got there we first sat down and the teachers introduced each other and then told us the classes and what group we are in I'm in group b.We then went to our classes,I was in design and textiles.wich was actually two classes mixed in one it these classes we do sewing and 3D printing and stuff like that I personally like sewing the best as you can make very stuff e.g last year I made pillow case with the word live on it.when it was playtime we played on the playground after that we had mandarin were we learn chineese and in this class we learnt about the Chinese New Year,something I learnt was that the colored is luck for chineese people.Afterthat,we went back to class and just did a little bit of reviewing when it was time to go back we got in to our bus's and went back to school.

Overall I really enjoyed the first day of technology and am really looking forward to going every week.
CARE VALUE I SHOWED WAS: Respect because I respected all the teacher and I also respected the bus driver and the bus.

Peer mediation merit 2

Peer mediation training.
This week for peer mediation training we went over who we with which we all new from last week.We also went over how to compromise with kids and we also got a sheet,which was a job description we were told to see if there was anything we could add or any mistakes.Me and hailed did not find any mistakes but added on rule which was remind your partner and the reason we added that was because we thought if you are doing the job alone it will be harder and so it is fair.Then we did a activety  were we had three people who were the peer mediators and the others had a script on how to solve the problem.I was one of the mediators and mrs stinston was playing two roles and making a problem that we had to solve.I thought this was very hard because on purpose she did not easily come to an agreement so we had to ask further questions when we finally did come out with a solution,I was shocked how hard it was and I had really learnt sometimes with a hard situation you have to ask more question.

I think I showe resilience by trying hard to not just say I don't no and try and try. 

Home learning challenge merit 1.

For my home learning challenge I  decided on do E9 which was research on an important person or event in NZ I decided to research about how women got to vote in NZ as not much people now about it.

Here is the link to the doc I put my researching on.
doc with information.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Leadership,four square,merit one


TODAY,Alex,Tracy,Amelia,Jacinta,sadiyah and I played four square we first,went over the rule so everything was clear and we didn't have any arguments.Then we decided positions by doing paper,scissors,rock!I was queen.We then started to play,luckily we did not have any issues because even when we did not no what happen or a miss understanding we would just replay the ball,which we all had agreed on at the start of the game.OVERALL I think This was a really fun yet competitive game and if we could make it better I think we should have a referee because sometimes it was very hard to see wether it was out or not.

I think I showed respect because playing fair and respecting everyone's opinion.

Peer mediation merit 1

Today was our second peer mediation training we got in to groups of four and practiced solving a problem.Whith two people the peer mediators and the other two the were the people with the problem,and we then swapped over.we used the landyards and put the peer mediation vests on.I think this was a little hard because the two people can't always find a solution to agree on so sometime you have to ask further questions.Although It was a little hard the script on the land yard really helped because it shows you the order and the process of solving a problem.We also after went for a walk to see areas that need us most it was mostly around the junior area we also learned always have a smile on your face or kids won't come to you,and also never take sides.

I think I showed excellence by being resilient whiles solving the problem because some  people don't agree on a solution,overall I really enjoyed my training.