Saturday, 18 February 2017

Key leadership merit #3 [peer mediation]

This week on Friday I had peer mediation along with Maxim and Shivannah. Our duty is on the second half. We we got the vests and lanyards from the second group,they told us that there was a problem that the could not complete so we tried by first solving that problem.Then we went to the junior area where we found and got lots of problems as soon as we went there the first problem was that some boys had a ball stuck up on a shade which was not really a big problem but they really wanted help once we finally got the ball down we helped some more kids.For a while we did not have that many problems and even when we did they were pretty minor like having accidentally hurt some one those kinds of problems were pretty easy to solve because the problem was normally sorted out y saying a simple sorry so we just walked around.Near the end of lunch we just had a quick check around the junior classes and saw some boys who told us another boy had threw toilet brushes over the fence as the bell just rang we told Mr rush and went back to class.

CARE value i showed was community by being overall nice to the kids and not taking sides.

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