Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Leadership #4

Today was cultral day wich we have every year.This is when we celebrate our culture within our school and also learning about them.This event is run by the cultral ambasadorrs who are Sasha and Hussain.For yoday I wore a fancy,cultral and sparkley dress,this style represented where i'm from which is Pakistan.

We started the day off by practicing our mihi so we can present it to the people coming over.When they came over we went outside on to the courts and sang our school waiata,to welcome them.After, we met whith some of them and said our mihi to the adult students from the international school.The majority of them were from India,philipines and bangladesh.Once we did that we watched some performances like a punjabi dance and phillipino dances.After,morning tea we played some philipino games like limbo and this which was my favaourite which they called guards were it was a really stratigacil and involved  lot a team work it was mostly a tagging game.later on,at th cultral assembaley we at the start had japaneese drums the a chineese instrument wich were really nice then we had a kapa haka performences,mr brown even let some students and teachers try some actions.then we had a chineese fashion runway thing then we had a school one.Every teacer chose 4people to be in the fashion show I was persnolly involved in it.

Overall this was really fun and exciting the care value I showed was respect because I showed respect to the students who came over and also at the assembaley. 

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