Friday, 10 February 2017

Technology and on the bus leadership 2

This week on Thursday we had technology which was pretty familiar to us as we went last year.Exept last years it was on a Tuesday.we left around eight thirty five and we were split on two different bus's,on the way there I sat with Alex.The bus was a little noisy,but was any way fine when we got there we first sat down and the teachers introduced each other and then told us the classes and what group we are in I'm in group b.We then went to our classes,I was in design and textiles.wich was actually two classes mixed in one it these classes we do sewing and 3D printing and stuff like that I personally like sewing the best as you can make very stuff e.g last year I made pillow case with the word live on it.when it was playtime we played on the playground after that we had mandarin were we learn chineese and in this class we learnt about the Chinese New Year,something I learnt was that the colored is luck for chineese people.Afterthat,we went back to class and just did a little bit of reviewing when it was time to go back we got in to our bus's and went back to school.

Overall I really enjoyed the first day of technology and am really looking forward to going every week.
CARE VALUE I SHOWED WAS: Respect because I respected all the teacher and I also respected the bus driver and the bus.

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