Friday, 10 February 2017

Peer mediation merit 2

Peer mediation training.
This week for peer mediation training we went over who we with which we all new from last week.We also went over how to compromise with kids and we also got a sheet,which was a job description we were told to see if there was anything we could add or any mistakes.Me and hailed did not find any mistakes but added on rule which was remind your partner and the reason we added that was because we thought if you are doing the job alone it will be harder and so it is fair.Then we did a activety  were we had three people who were the peer mediators and the others had a script on how to solve the problem.I was one of the mediators and mrs stinston was playing two roles and making a problem that we had to solve.I thought this was very hard because on purpose she did not easily come to an agreement so we had to ask further questions when we finally did come out with a solution,I was shocked how hard it was and I had really learnt sometimes with a hard situation you have to ask more question.

I think I showe resilience by trying hard to not just say I don't no and try and try. 

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