Thursday, 9 February 2017

Peer mediation merit 1

Today was our second peer mediation training we got in to groups of four and practiced solving a problem.Whith two people the peer mediators and the other two the were the people with the problem,and we then swapped over.we used the landyards and put the peer mediation vests on.I think this was a little hard because the two people can't always find a solution to agree on so sometime you have to ask further questions.Although It was a little hard the script on the land yard really helped because it shows you the order and the process of solving a problem.We also after went for a walk to see areas that need us most it was mostly around the junior area we also learned always have a smile on your face or kids won't come to you,and also never take sides.

I think I showed excellence by being resilient whiles solving the problem because some  people don't agree on a solution,overall I really enjoyed my training.

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