Friday, 24 February 2017

Peer mediation merit 4h

Today I had peer mediation as I usually have on a Friday,my duty is on the second half along with Maxim and Shivanah.Unfotunately Maxim was in the sick bay and I could not find her even though I reminded her so I just got the gear from the other peer mediators and went down to the junior are were as soon as I went I got a problem about not letting me play with her,we get these problems quite a lot but luckily they came to a agreement very quickly then I just walked around mostly the junior area.After a while I got another problem but as this involved violence I was not allowed to try solve there problem but suggested them to go to a duty teacher.As I went for a quick walk Caitlin asked if she could help so I said yes and went back to th junior are with Caitlin we only got one other problem which was about kids just with random problems which made feeling out the google form a little.the google form is the form we use to record the students and the problem down.

CARE VALUE I SHOWED WAS: excellence by just doing my duty and doing it properly.

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