Friday, 17 June 2016

leadership 2 excellence

Today Nick,Molly Anne and I taught our lesson we had planned 2 weeks ago we had A new classroom. We taught room 15 mrs spices class the plan we had planned went alright but I think we could have done better, the activity we had is first we watched a short video to do with habitats since that is what we are teaching after that we let them draw a animal to do with the backround we had given them e.g ocean and then the animal would be whale.

over all we had 3 rotations and to make the kids more motivated i cut little green paper squares with smile faces to get them more motivated and focused.

THE CARE VALUE I SHOWED WAS:Excellence by just trying my best to teach and getting involved in my group also I think next time try something new  and a teach them something new that expands on habitats.

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