Tuesday, 2 August 2016

excellence 4 library

Today for library we had something different; as we had a training session  on how to use this website which on were you can reserve and renew books you can also suggest books and review books ext.but we did have to put only a couple of books away and possibly only get books out for ourselves as the library was closed due to the training.

people that have library with me: Tracy and sometimes Alisha.

first, Mrs ward and Mrs  pattern  showed us how to use  website  the website and how all the features work.

Then,we watched a video telling us how to use it for further information as we learnt some new feature that were included in the website.

lastly, when the training was done Tracy and I put the books away, I put all the senior fiction books away.And then got myself a couple of books as Mrs ward helped me choose some classic books e.g hied i and the secret garden and another one which I did my self.

C.A.R.E VALUE I SHOWED: respect because ... i showed respect as Mrs ward and M rs pattern were talking and I was overall being polite.

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