Wednesday, 10 August 2016

leadership #5 excellence.


Today we went from buddy program  to te hapua to learn about three D printing at first I was not as interested in computer and making stuff using websites but when we go there it was quite fun.

1. we started to walk down to te hapua since it was not very far we had about 32 kids, including miss o and Liz to help us get down there.

2, Then,when we arrived there we sat down and we had to teachers to teach us Danny and the other I can not remember first introduced themselves then showed us what 3D printing really was how it is made and works.
3.after,we put away our bags and started on the big touchscreen computers we designed what we wanted to print and watched the benefits of 3D printing benefits video and continuing to design our creation using the computer on a 3D website  I designed a I pad cover but it got deleted but i did not really matter since we will really start next week.

Leadership I showed respect because I showed respect to the teachers Audrey and Danny by listening and not do what I am not supposed to do.

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