Thursday, 25 August 2016

pals excellence 10.

Today for Pals Tracy,Alex and I did pals for kakano we played tag games since we have never done tag games.

First, we set up and then I  went around telling the kakano that we had pals after that we explained how you can earn pozis and how to play.

Secondly, we played the game octopus and  we gave out a lot pozis and a little more to the students who were trying there best and showing care values to motivate children to do even better,although everyone was trying there best and showing care values.

After we switched the game to tricky tag aka all in tag which we thought people liked greater than octopus,Alex Tracy and I also got involved which got the kids a fun target to try and made them try harder to try and get us.After that the bell rang and we packed up we had some helpers who helped pack up and we rewarded them with pozis for showing care values.

Overall: we had a successful pals duty and did really well.
C.A.R.E VALUES: I think I sowed community by getting involved and showing excellence as it was really windy.

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