Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Leadership excellence 4 pals


Today Alex Tracy and I did pals for juniors as from now on the boys referee soccer and the girls do only juniors pals.

We played a game of soccer as that is one of the most popular games.We mainly only had boys and one girl.

First we set up luckily we already had a couple of year three boys who we're willing to play and help set up.

Next Tracy Alex and I sorted out the teams firstly we tried to let them choose team but it didn't work out very well so we just did random and still let people kinda have a couple friends on each side.(this is something I will remember next time to use the random technic for next time as it worked out very well.
Afterwards we ran the game we were going good until some of the boys kept teasing each other and only because someone would kick it out of the cones.

Then we tried to resolve the problem but everyone was angry at Sam who we did not see do anything so we told there teacher but we kind of had sorted it out.Though otherwise the game went quite well and every body got a pozi.

C.A.R.E values I showed were community because I tried to get involved in a positive way and was being a caring friends to those who were upset.


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