Wednesday, 10 August 2016

leadership excellence #5


Today we swapped from the buddy program to te hapua with miss o as our new teacher.
The weather was alright but a little windy and cold.

first, we walked down to te hapua with Liz and miss o.

Then,when we arrived, Audrey and Danny the people who were going to teach us about three d printing then, they showed us some videos to do with  three d printing e.g benefits of three d printing we even saw some cars made out of big three d printers that you can actually drive in.

After,we started to just play around with the three d website like how to use the different tools and then started to plan out our design our three d thing we wanted i tried to make a i pad cover it was a lot harder than it looks but unfortunately I accidentally deleted but it was lucky that they actually wont be printing or making anything today it was just a play around  but at least I learnt to be careful and I know what to make.

C.A.R.E VALUE I SHOWED WAS: respect by listening to Audrey and Danny and just do what Iam told

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