Saturday, 13 August 2016


TODAY FOR PALS: Alex Tracy and I did pals we ran a game of octopus on the kakano courts.

first, we started off by setting up then by gathering people and telling them the  rules of the game,It was quite easy since everyone knew how to play.

Then,we started to plat the game and give pozis to people who were showing there care values and playing by the rules after awhile, when the game was going good we had a small argument to of  the boys were having a argument to do with the rules about moving seaweed  but we sorted it out quickly.

Lastly we gave out pozis and packed up we had some boys who helped out so we gave them pozis for showing the care values and for helping us.overall we had a successful lunchtime.

CARE VALUE I SHOWED: excellence because I tried my best to resolve the problems so that everyone was happy.

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