Friday, 2 September 2016

Information report on the water cycle.

The Hydraulic cycle,also known as the water cycle,is the process of water going through land,ocean and atmosphere.The water cycle is also a process that round and round to create water for us to use in everyday life, and without it we wouldn't be alive or else severally  sick.The water cycle comes in three different forms through out the water cycle process liquid,gas and solid.

Evaporation is simply where liquid/water,turns into a vapor gas,[going up is most likely greater on a hot day.]
because warm air can hold more moisture, why? because it is just that;at higher temperatures water molecules are more likely to go in the water phase,so there will be more water vapor in the air in a hot day.
Another point, is that in some arid climates, sometimes ice (solid particles.) can turn into a cloud vapor ; this is quite common in dry arid climates.After, this step is completed,the next step is condensation followed by precipitation.

Condensation and Precipitation are yet another major steps in the water cycle.condensation is the cloud forming stage.If the vapor cools to 0 degrees ; it will start to condense as water and will start to fall when.when a drop/droplet is big enough gravity will start to pull it down ; this step in the water cycle is called Precipitation. If the water temperature gets called in the sky it can cause hail or snow if not it will just rain.Also cool temperatures is good for condensation because as long as the temperatures are cool in the atmosphere it can hold the vapor and delay condensation. After condensation, and Precipitation, Runoff and groundwater are next, as Precipitation has fallen for runoff to do its thing. 

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