Sunday, 4 September 2016

Library 7 excellence

Today for library we had a pretty quite day but still we had lots of books but we put them away pretty quickly  we only had to just put books away and where at the desk.

we also learnt how to reserve books because we have got  this question over at lest 5 times and we have never known how to do it so we learn was really easy.

first we just ad to search the book on fast-find then we clicked the book they wanted     then we clicked and reserved it for the appropriate person who wanted it.We also showed some of the year 5/6 ow they ca reserve there on books on the new website  were you can search,recommend,review  and reserve books which will help them to reserve books wen ever they like which will be easier for us as well.

C.A.R.E VALUE I SOWED: I think  I showed active thinking because I sowed others how to use the website.

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