Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Technology ( Excellence #5 )

This week for Technology I was in Design and Textile. Today, we were prototyping; but before that we had to complete a sheet about stakeholders and a planning sheet.Once, we started prototyping I decided to make a Texture book for my younger sister this was very fun as we had different materials and we could get a idea of the outcome.But before that we were on tinker cad which is a 3D printing website we can use to design things we want to print.We had to design a Dice with dots or numbers on it I decided to do with numbers.Once we did we prototype, when prototyping we had to fill out this sheet on how/why this could solve our problem/need.I personally enjoyed prototyping as we could get creative and get a picture of what we are doing and most importantly if it works and if it suits it's purpose.Once we were done we lined till the teachers came and then waited for all the other groups to come and finally, we went back to school.

I think I showed Respect by being quiet on the bus and listening to my teacher in design and textiles. 

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