Wednesday, 5 April 2017

leadership excellence #1.

This thursday as per usual I had Technology except this week there were no Year 7s exept the people who did not go. Wich means while going there the bus was  not only more emptier but alot quiter.
Whiles going there we Mrs Stinston but on the way back she was not on our bus but on bus 2 as I am on bus 1.while going there it was alright but when coming back as Mrs stinson was not on our bus was a little bit noisy but not to noisy because the bus driver did not have to stop or remind us about our noise level.Overall at technoly it was also really fun I am In the  design and texttiles group I made a Apron which had a base whith colorfull sheep and my name printed on it as well which in my opinion made it look more profesional and better.This was our last week in each of our pentades.
I am really looking forward to our next session  tech as it is the higlight of my week.

The care value I showed was Active thinkig because I came up with the design by myself abou the apron and adding my name to my apron.

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