Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Peer mediation merit 5

Today as per usual on a Friday second half of lunch I had peer mediation.Maxim,Shivanah and I started off by going to the junior area as we get most of our problems from there.So when we got there we did not get any problems for a while so we  went to the field were we only got two pproblems wcich involved a disagreement unfortunately, we recieved the problem when the  lunch bell  was just about to go so we tryed to solve it but as we got to no more about the problem we realised it involved violince so we told them we were not alowed to solve it and that they should tell there teacher as peer mediators are not allowed to deal whith problems that involve vioince as we waked back the two kids that had the confict seemed fine whiles walking back so we did not really think we had to keep trying to solve the prolem.

Something I found slightly hard was tryng keep other kids away from us trying to hear the stry or we keep having other kids just coming in to ask us what hapeened and It gets really fustrating because we have to spend more time telling people to go away than solving the proble so I think I showed the respect care value by being respectfull when telling the kids to go away.

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