Friday, 3 March 2017

Leadership 5 Buddy program.

Today Brook and I had buddy program along with the other half of our class.We first started by being put in to group whit about six or seven year ones.In our first,group we had all boys which personally I think is the group that overall listened the best.After,introducing ourselves and asked them to introduce themselves we started to play color tag once we thought,that it got a little bit boring we played a color and shapes game.Once,time was up we arranged the boys into a line and sent them off.When we got our next group we just explained the rules and played the color and shapes then we played tricky tag because the kids insisted.Finally we got our last group of kids we decided to play catch the dragons tail and cat and mouse after a while,time was up.Overall this was really fun and I also think the kids enjoyed it because we ran games that we assumed they had not played befor or we added a twist.

CARE VALUE I SHOWED WAS:Active thinking because we played a range of games and used out time wisely.

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