Friday, 31 March 2017

Excellence Peer mediation #1.

Today as per usual on a Friday I had Peer mediation.But as the year 7s were away,since Wendesday for the peer mediation to still run I decided to put the year 8s that were here in groups whith other year 8s.Unfortunately there was only one half of lunch for each day,as it is normally on the whole lunch.But to make the groups all i did is who ever was on the day e.g thursday all the year 8s on that day would go together.Personally I thought that people were not taking there job seriously as bearley no was doing there duty.I did discuss this with Mrs Stinston so she was aware.As for my duty I went Whith Hailey who was on the first half unlike me as I am on the second half.we started by goig around the junior where everything seemed fine so we went to the field we only came across one problem wich was as easy as saying "how would you feel as if it was you."In my opinion using this sentence really helps solving whith kids who will not let other kids play.We then just had a quick walk around room 10 and 11 and headed back to the junior area and ended there and came back.It was a really quite lunch.i ended off by playing a game of basketball.

I think I showed Excellence by just doing the right thing and to my best.

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